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             For information about Illuminate and the Parent Portal,
                     visit the PGUSD Illuminate Parent Help Page

Note: When you enter your phone number while creating your account, leave out any dashes.  Example:  5551231234

When you submit your initial "Pre-Register Student" you will get the message: "Pre-registration was successfully submitted! You will receive an email shortly from Illuminate Education containing your portal access information ...Please note: This doesn't happen automatically. School staff will review your request and when approved they will email the information including your Access Code.  Depending on when you submit, it could take a little while.  Thank you for your patience.

If you do not have a Parent Account or Access Code, please start at the
"Pre-Register Student" screen:
[insert link here]

If you have an Access Code, but haven't created your Parent Account, please go to the
"Create Parent Account" screen:
[insert link here]

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